CNC Cutting

AE has a CNC cutting machine by Proarc with a bed plate size of 3.2x.9.5 m^2. We also provide PUG cutting machines to our staff for cutting trivial parts.


Welding is the backbone of our work. Our welders are qualified and certified by Bureau Veritas and BPCL. They are masters in their profession welding in 3G and 3F positions at ease.


AE has two in-house Bending Machines which are capable of bending up to plates of 95mm thickness.


We pride ourselves on manufacturing our own rolling machine from scratch which serves us will all our rolling requirement for manufacturing up to 3.2 meters.


Lathe machines, drilling, broach cutter, shaper, band saw, milling are a part of the slew of machining equipments which AE uses to manufacture high-quality products for further use.


Assisted with a bed plate of 13m x6m and 4 cranes, our experienced fitters are the ones who get the job assembled and ready for usage. With years of experience in hand, their knowledge and craftsmanship can easily transcend an engineers' imagination.


Rust Removal and Surface Preparation is essential before the painting on the job commences. With an appropriate mixture or Steel shots and Grits, our skilled shot-blasters can deliver a surface finish of SA 2.5.


Allahabad Enterprises has a dedicated, covered paint booth which can easily house a power transformer tank. Our Paint Team is equipped with low-pressure paint guns delivering high-quality paint which finishes the job.


Our end products are inspected by the customer with tests such as PT/VT, Dimensional, DP, UT, RT, Paint etc, only after which the product is dispatched. We always perform multiple internal quality checks before the final inspection as customer satisfaction is an essential criteria to our business.